Avexar has years of experience in solving complex automation problems in web development. Within budget. And in keeping with your deadlines. We advise and offer solutions for application and platform architecture, project and product management, web application hosting, server management and deploy automation and provisioning. As experienced project and product managers, scrum-masters and lead developers, […]


As a full-service software company, we are happy to be able to offer a number of enterprise cloud hosting and support options to keep your project available, up-to-date, and secure. We have high availability Service Level Agreements that are sure to make you happy. Have an existing project that needs some tender loving care, and […]


Our core business is the delivery of professional web applications such as websites, web services and API’s, using the latest web technologies in the Django Web Framework. We use efficient programming tools and existing modules together with agile development processes in order to deliver the scalable internet application you need to succeed in your business. […]